I was lazy, so I put up weight. So I take exercises to build muscle and lose fat. I find these tips online and I hope they will help me to slim down my cheeks and neck. And any suggestion is welcomed.

Quote:How to Slim Down Your Cheeks
1. To perform a primary cheek exercise, suck in your cheeks as far as you can. Now, try to touch your nose with your tongue while keeping your cheeks sucked in. Hold this position for five seconds before releasing and repeating. Repeat this exercise for 60 seconds a day to slim down your cheek area

2. To perform a chin and neck exercise, lay down on a bed, flat on your back with arms and legs relaxed. Flex your neck and bring your chin to your chest and hold for 30 seconds before releasing and resting for 15 seconds. Repeat once more after the 15 second rest period to conclude the chin and neck exercise. Do this daily to slim your cheek area.

How to Slim Down Your Neck
1. Perform neck stretches to help tone the neck area. Sit up straight in a firm chair and look forward. Gently stretch the neck side to side, toward the shoulders, without shrugging the shoulders. Start with the left side of the head and gently stretch the neck toward the left shoulder. Hold for a count of 10. Return to the upright position and repeat 10 times. Repeat the stretches for the right side.

2. Perform neck twists. Sit up straight in a firm chair, looking forward and slowly turn the head to the left as far as you can comfortably do so. Hold for a count of ten. Return the head to the center position and do the same stretch on the right side, holding for a count of 10. Repeat both sides 10 times.


Another way to achieve an appearance of slimming down your neck is to engage in neck stretching techniques. By lengthening and stretching the neck muscles, not only will you release tightness, but some have achieved the appearance of a longer, slender neck, taking away from some of the fat deposits that may have settled in that area. Below you will find three different stretches to do in one sitting. These techniques are easy-to-do, where an individual can complete them while working at a desk or even in front of the television.

Neck Stretching

1) Sit in a comfortable position.

2) Relax your shoulders and turn your chin towards your chest.

3) Turn your chin to the right shoulder as far as it can go without discomfort.

4) Hold for about 30 seconds.

5) Repeat on the other side.

6) Sit in a comfortable position.

7) Relax your shoulders and move your ear down towards your right shoulder.

8) Relax your neck as much as possible.

9) Embrace the stretch on the opposite side.

10) Hold for 30 seconds.

11) Repeat on the other side.

12) Sit in a comfortable position.

13) Lift your sternum and chin towards the ceiling.

14) Drop you head back as far as you can without discomfort.

15) Relax your shoulders.

16) Exhale and bring your head back to the center.

17) Drop your chin down towards your chest. Lengthening your neck.

18) Hold and release.



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