Belly fat is a return gift that our haphazard lifestyle and wrong eating habits give us. It not only destroys your image but also increases your risk to many health ailments. Try these Ayurveda tips to lose the fat deposits around your belly.

Apple cider vinegar, with its acetic acid, helps you get rid of belly fat. Acid generally ensures better digestion of protein which is in turn essential for growth hormones of our body. Growth hormone is one of the best mediums that can break down your fat cells. This also keeps your metabolism working even when you are resting or sleeping. By enabling the utilization of iron in your body, ACV also helps in consuming energy. Energy consumption is equal to burning fat.
Get this:
Apple cider vinegar- 1-2 tbsp
Water- 1 glass
Do this:
Add ACV to the glass of water.
Have this water before your meals three times a day.
Ensure that you get the unfiltered apple cider vinegar with mother. Filtered ACV will not be of much help when it comes to losing fat from around your waist.

Oolong Tea to Lose Fat: 

Get this:
Oolong tea – 1 tsp (or ½ tsp oolong and ½ tsp of green tea)
Hot water
Honey (optional)- 1 tsp
Do this:
If using both the tea, mix Oolong and green tea.
Place the tea leaves in a cup
Pour hot water over it.
Steep for 2-3 minutes, not more than that.
Strain and if you need to sweeten the tea, add honey.
Have this tea 2-3 times a day.

Written by jale