You maybe don’t know, but the eggshells can be used for one particular purpose and believe us, when you hear the use, you will save the eggshell from the next egg you eat.

The main and the biggest reason for using eggshells in the garden is their use as a fertilizer, or more specifically said an organic fertilizer. It’s a fact that calcium is extra important for the quality of the soil, and the amount of calcium in eggshells is pretty high. These eggshells provide a healthy soil, free from chemicals. They are also decomposing fast and any mineral they have enriches the soil very fast and that is why they don’t need to be granulated.

There is a great reason for doing this, and it’s protecting your health. By knowing that you will use something completely natural instead of the harmful pesticides, you can be much more calm while eating the fruits and vegetables that are growing in your garden.


Written by jale