We all know that women ánd “some” things unattractive about other
women. But, ladies, did you know that men can also and things they don’t
“and” attractive in women? YES, that’s right – there are things that men
don’t and attractive in other women. Ladies, take a look at the article
below and tell us what you think in the comment section below. Thank
you for your time and enjoy:

Dry/Greasy Skin
Ladies, you should do yourselves a favor and make sure you keep your
skin hydrated properly! WHY?! Well, that’s easy to answer – because too
dry or greasy skin will put most men off.

Dark Lips
How this works – well, if you’re using dark lipstick shades can stain your
teeth unintentionally, which may put your partner off. So, be “very”

Too Much Perfume
You know what?! A light spray is just enough when using your perfume!
That’s right – using too much of it won’t please men. Make sure to
distribute it on your wrists, neck and behind the ears, not on your clothes.

Extreme Hairstyle
Ladies, this is very important for you to remember – using products that
boost your hair volume as well as accessories in your hair is something
men are not attracted to! Yes, they prefer long, soft and silky natural hair.

Too MUCH Makeup
Most men don’t like it when you’re completely masking your facial
features. Apply makeup evenly and pick a tone that suits your natural

Artificial Eyelashes
Do me a small favor and never use to much mascara on your eyelashes or
wear artificial ones. Men prefer nice and long natural eyelashes.

Shiny Makeup
Shiny makeup?! NO! Instead of using shiny tones, go for matte makeup as
men love it.

Yellow teeth
We all know that yellow stained teeth will put off anyone, not just men.
Keep your oral hygiene at a high level in order to be more attractive by
visiting the dentist regularly and eating a healthy diet.

Bad Breath
This is definitely a big NO!




Written by jale