All our lives we hear how being lazy is an awful and wrong, but maybe not so much. It turns out that being lazy and doing things slowly from time to time can be a good thing. A short nap after lunch is actually good for our health. Taking things slow should not be considered as a flaw, it has been proven that this is a great way to boost motivation and creativity. Surely, we don`t recommend that you spend your life on the sofa, but feel free to rest for a while when you feel tired. Even the shortest break and chilling out can refresh you and fill you with energy.

How is laziness good for us?

It`s natural because our body is designed for lounging, in order to conserve energy. During winter, the levels of melatonin increase, which makes us feel cozy and sleepy, and in summer it prevents us from being too active, to keep the heart healthy.


Lowers the blood pressure: Stress has negative effects on the blood pressure, making us feel anxious. After a stressful day, stretch out, take a deep breath and rest, this will sooth you and lower the blood pressure.

Improves exercising: Being lazy, you won`t need to spend all day exercising. So the workouts will be shorter, but more intense. According to studies, short intense exercises followed by rest are excellent for weight loss.

Improved creativity: Usually we come up with the best idea when we do nothing, just lying down. Concentrating on some idea can have the opposite effect, so take a rest and let your brain free, great ideas will come on their own.

Better efficiency: As Agatha Christies said: “Invention comes directly from idleness.” Laziness is the direct culprit of many useful inventions. When we are lazy, we want to get something done as quickly as possible, without procrastination.

Improves skills for solving problems: Give yourself some time to think through a certain issue, you`ll come with an idea to solve it. Sometimes things work out on their own. It`s not always the solution to be uninvolved, sometimes things need intervention, you`ll need to evaluate the situation.

Allows you to reflect: Wondering mind can be creative as well as philosophical. It allows you to reflect on things, important issues, see things in a different way, so you may come with some new ideas.

Makes you appreciate the present: Laziness can sometimes have some similar effects as meditation, we fell present in the moment, being able to appreciate the present, not matter if it`s a cup of coffee, beautiful smell of some flower or the soft clock ticking in the hall. Your mind will recharge and relax by just letting it pay attention to the present.


Written by jale