Warm Fuzzies 

 Periods are the absolute worst. It’s the one time of the month when our hormones and moods are thrown out of whack. Some of us get bloated, have cramps, or get tender breasts, draining us of any energy we have. Women sympathize with one another understanding the toll this takes but men tend to just make jokes about “that time of the month”. We don’t chose to go through this process every month but we are grateful when our periods come. Well ladies, regardless of what anyone else thinks here are a few ways you can feel better during your period from your mental to physical state.

Eat Chocolate

Eat some chocolate during your period especially when you have mood swings or are feeling emotional because you will feel better! We’re not saying this just to justify the 3 candy bars you just ate. Although, there is nothing wrong with indulging a little! Studies have actually shown that eating chocolate releases endorphins in women, and during your period, you need all the endorphins you can get.

Heating Pads

While some recommend a warm water bottle for cramps heating pads work far better. Make sure to lie down on your back not your stomach! It’s a common misconception that lying on your stomach during your period will alleviate the pain, but the pressure may actually make cramps work and increase bloating. Lie on your back and keep a heating pad above where your uterus is. Your cramps should ease and you’ll feel better!

Written by jale