In a couple of months summer will be here again; that time when ladies put on their bikinis and the guys wear their speedos. Have you been working on your midsection and muffin top lately? If you have not started as yet, here are 11 muffin top exercises that will get you in shape for summer.


There are many types of crunches and they all help with losing those muffin top and belly bloats. Even though it may not be intense you can still get a good body work out. First is the incline crunch- to do this, simply lay flat on your back on an inclined crunch bench, you hands should be secured behind your neck.

Your lower back should be on the bench while you raise your upper torso as high as possible. You can do this for at least 10 times and then take 5 seconds break.

Second type of crunch is the reverse crunch which will require you to lay flat on the floor with both legs straight in front of you, next you are going to bend your feet and then lift them. Both legs should be together to form a 90 degrees angle.

Slowly bring your knees towards your face while you lift your hips from the floor. You can do this a few times as well – the main aim is to wok out your abs and those legs muscles.

Twist Toes Touches

Wondering how this helps? Well it’s pretty simple, your feet should be further apart from your shoulder width, place your hands on your hips and your knees should be straight. Here is the twist – you are going to then touch your left toes with your right fingers and then do the reverse- touch your right toes with your left fingers.

Repeat 15 times and you can go as fast as you can.

Leg Raises

One of the main aim of this exercise is to burn off those belly fats. Start off by laying flat on your back with your arms by your side and your palms flat on the ground. Press your back towards the floor as you lift up your legs around 6 inches from the floor, hold for 30 seconds and then lower halfway, try not to lower them to the ground. Repeat by doing 10 reps of 2 sets.

Written by jale