While you can get away with hiding a lot of excess pudginess fairly easily, having unsightly back fat will always reduce how many options you have for shirts, jackets, dresses, and tops. It can be especially problematic for women thanks to their bras. Those already present enough problems as is!

Working out and dieting is the go-to fix for any weight loss problem of course, but it’s pretty difficult to know what to do when targeting specific areas. If you want to expedite the loss of back fat in particular, there are fortunately several effective means of doing so. With the tips found below, you can easily get rid of back fat for good.

1 – Cut Your Calories

Many people wince at the thought of eating less, but even cutting as few as 500 calories from your daily meals can help put a dent in your excess body fat. Simply reading the labels of any foods you eat or ingredients you use to cook with will give you the exact calorie counts of your portions. Learning to eat in moderation is essential for staying fit, and it will only become more of a necessity as your metabolism slows down with age. 2,000 calories per day is considered a standard diet, so make sure you stay within those confines.

2 – Focus On Cardio Workouts

Cardio workouts are your best bet for burning back fat. Even a half hour of activity as often as three days a week will produce visible results in a fairly short amount of time. The longer you keep that up, the sooner your back fat will be a distant memory.

Examples of useful cardio routines include running, jogging, swimming, bicycling, or even dancing. Along with helping tone up your torso, you’ll also enjoy the added benefits of lower cholesterol and better overall heart function. Your stamina will naturally increase as well, allowing you to not feel so winded throughout regular daily activities.

3 – Try Back-Specific Exercises & Stretches

There are a myriad of exercises and stretches that target your back specifically. With even semi-regular practice of low back extensions where you lift your chest and thighs after lying on the floor with your knees raised, push ups, or basic stretches such as bending at the waist to touch your toes, you’ll eventually see some promising results. If your local gym has a yoga class, you should also sign up and ask the instructor for special help with working on your back specifically.

There are several other methods you can use to get rid of back fat, and you may even be able to come up with an effective workout or diet routine all your own. Everything listed above should give you a firm foundation to work from however. The ball is entirely in your court from there. As long as you remain consistent with your approach, any goal you may have for your weight or figure will inevitably be met.

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Written by jale