Hip dip plank

Start in plank; tuck right knee into chest. Rotate waist so that outer side of right hip and thigh are facing ground. Lower body until you are sitting on right hip (A). Lift body back up to plank, then raise and extend right leg (B). Return to start. Do 30 to 40 reps; repeat on other side.

Diagonal pike legs

Lie faceup with legs together and extended straight out. Rotate hips slightly to left so that legs are on a left diagonal. Place left hand lightly on back of head and extend right arm straight out to side, palm facedown (A). Crunch up and lift legs, keeping legs on the diagonal (B). Slowly lower back to floor. Do 30 to 40 reps; repeat on other side. Make sure abs are engaged from the start.

Pike and Extend

Written by jale