Life is pretty uncertain — we never know what’s in store for us. But can we afford to sit idle keeping this theory in mind? We, the pilots of our own lives, can choose to give them proper direction.

And time is an important factor in all our efforts. Action delayed is action denied. This holds true in every aspect of life — financial, personal, professional and healthwise. We seem to pay much attention to the first three spheres, while health takes a backseat. But we can work and fulfill the other aspects of our lives only if our health allows us to do so.

Still, we often ignore certain symptoms which our body presents from time to time. Sometimes these disappear on their own, while at others, they may indicate something more serious — the nesting of cancer cells in our body.

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Here are a few cancer symptoms which you cannot afford to ignore:

Unexpected weightloss

Many women would be delighted to lose weight without having to exercise or go on a strict diet, but this may turn out to be a symptom of cancer — unless it is caused by a hyperactive thyroid gland. Hence unexpected and unintentional weightloss should not be neglected.


Bloating is so common in women that we almost learn to live with it. But if the bloating continues for a longer timespan, then it is something which should not be neglected. Watch out for other symptoms like pelvic pain, urinary problems, incontinence and a feeling of fullness without having eaten much. These symptoms can denote ovarian cancer.

Breast Changes

Due to an increase in breast cancer awareness, many women have now developed the habit of self-examination. They normally look for lumps, but this is not the only symptom. A woman should watch out for redness and thickening of the breast skin as well. A persistent rash over a few weeks will need medical attention. Nipple discharge even if a woman is not breastfeeding may also indicate cancer of the mammary glands.

Even men have some chances of getting affected with breast cancer. This may seems unusual, but it is true. Men should also watch out for similar symptoms and should get themselves checked if any of these symptoms make their appearance.

Unusual bleeding

If you notice any in-between period bleeding or unusual bleeding, then you should not ignore it! Sadly, many premenopausal women tend to ignore this. It can be a symptom of uterine, endometrial or colorectal cancer.

If blood appears in your urine or stools then it can be more than just hemorrhoids. It can denote cancers of the colon, bladder or kidney. Go for a medical checkup if bleeding occurs after coughing.

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