Can you ice your way to a slimmer body? New products and procedures keep popping up, promising to help you do just that.

Intuitively, the idea makes sense: The colder you get, the more your body has to work to heat itself up, and that extra effort should burn calories.

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Earwax can be gooey and gross, and it is not the most scintillating of conversational topics. We all have it, but who wants to talk about it? We do! Normal ear wax ranges from light orange to dark brown, but if it’s yellow, green, white, or black, that suggests an infection and you need to see a doctor.

Earwax – or “cerumen,” helps keep dirt and bacteria from getting too far inside your ear canal. This sticky substance is actually very important for our bodies and can tell us a lot about our health. It sounds like a disgusting idea at first, but the next time you clean your ears you should take a close look at what comes out. Scroll down to see what your earwax says about you!


Wax that is soft and yellow in texture most often belongs to children. It is normal and healthy for children to produce a lot more earwax than adults. As children grow older, they will produce less.


For all of us, it’s one or the other. And your type can provide clues to your genetic ancestry. Research appearing finds that most people of Asian decent have dry earwax, while people of African or European descent have sticky or “wet” wax. They also state “this was a genetic adaptation to the climates in which our ancestors evolved”.

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