Who likes feeling and looking sexy? I really can’t think of anyone that would honestly say they would purposely go out of their way to NOT do either. It’s not only a confidence booster, but it’s also a great way to stay youthful. One thing that everyone talks about and wishes for, especially during swim-suit season, is having that sexy, sculpted core. You can invest in various operations, procedures, etc. to help stay on sexy street, but unfortunately there is no surgical way to give you a washboard stomach. That is where an investment of your own time and hard work is the only solution to make the “flab turn to fab” for a new or better you. But no worries! It’s not just boring sit-ups and crunches that are the secret to success; here are 10 ways to add into your routine that will ABSolutely get you results!

10 Best Exercises For Your Abs

Cable Woodchopper: Your start position is with your feet in a wide-stance perpendicular to the cables, both hands gripping the handle that’s on the highest setting to your reach, and simply pull the cable using your core to the bottom of your opposite foot closest to the cables.

Cable Crunches: You can either sit on a stability ball, stand, or kneel using a rope to pull and bend forward, or also side-to-side working your obliques.
Weighted Side-Bends: Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart holding a weight in one hand and bending your side that is weighted. A good way to prevent you from twisting is keeping your opposite hand on the midline of your opposite thigh.

Written by jale