Warm Fuzzies   Gee. It’s not like it’s a secret or anything. Every gal knows that their vagina puts up with a lot. Between peeing and wiping, different kinds of underwear periods and sex—the very least it deserves is a good cleansing.

But the reality is that a lot of us don’t take the time out to think about if we’re washing our vaginas correctly or not. We think that so long as we throw some soap down that direction, it’s all good. The truth is that improper care is what can lead to yeast and bacterial infections, odor and discomfort.

Are you ready to see how to really keep your vagina as clean as she deserves to be?

Your vagina is self-cleansing. That’s what the discharge is all about. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t need some attention. Just don’t make the mistake of over-washing (and yes, you can do just that). Many gynecologists say that washing once a day is more than enough. If you feel like you need to more due to a foul odor or changes in your discharge, soap and water are probably not the solution. Setting an appointment with your physician is the better bet.

Use an unscented soap

The pH level of a healthy vagina is somewhere between 3.5 to 4.5. The pH level of a lot of body cleansers is around 8. See where we’re going with that? You don’t want to throw your body’s pH levels off, so it’s best to avoid all of the bells ‘n whistles of soaps with lots of ingredients and fragrances. In fact, if you soak in bathwater that has some apple cider vinegar or even baking soda in it for about 15 minutes, that can clean your vagina as much, if not better than, a bar of unscented soap. (Yes, if you must use soap, go with the unscented kind.)

Avoid colored washcloths

Try and avoid dyes as much as possible too. Sometimes women develop yeast infections because of the underwear or even the kinds of washcloths that they use (especially if they’re the cheap kind). Besides, a light-colored washcloth helps you to monitor the color of your discharge (which should be some shade of white, by the way). Oh, and just like with toilet paper, wash front to back at all times, please.

Written by jale