1. One breast is always larger than the other. It’s usually a small enough difference to not be noticeable. But no woman has equal-sized breasts.


  1. The part of the brain that shows arousal during sex also shows a similar arousal in some women while they’re thinking about food. Especially when they have food cravings.


  1. Contrary to popular belief women may experience multiple orgasms, while men always need time between orgasms.


  1. Women moan in the middle of the night: About a third of women can recall orgasming in their sleep, according to a study in the Journal of Sex Research. While nocturnal orgasms don’t happen all that often, nocturnal arousal occurs regularly during REM sleep—up to five times per night. And it’s not just her clitoris that becomes engorged with blood, but the entire genital area, making her more likely to have an orgasm. Though your naked eyes won’t be able to detect them, it’s worth tapping her shoulder to see if she’s already primed for a midnight romp.


  1. Her vagina is pH balanced: Here’s a lesson you probably didn’t learn in your high-school chemistry class: The vagina is naturally acidic, with a pH level around 4.5. Semen, on the other hand, is basic, with a pH around 8. This is nature’s way of neutralizing the environment in the vagina, so that your swimmers can survive in there. But having too much sex—we’re talking marathon ejaculations—can actually upset the pH level in her vagina, potentially leading to infections like bacterial vaginosis. We’d never tell you to refrain from going all night, but make sure to let her pee in between sessions, so she can reduce her chance of getting an infection.


  1. Women get erections, too: When you become hard, it’s because your corpus cavernosa—the twin tubes of erectile tissue in your penis—are engorged with blood. The clitoris also has a pair of corpus cavernosa inside of it, which means she, too, gets erect when she’s aroused. An erect clitoris will swell, become more sensitive, and increase in size. The inside of her vagina will also expand as blood flow increases. “The vagina has a series of accordion-like folds called rugae that, during arousal, allow the vagina to increase in length to roughly the same size as the penis,” says Dr. Goldstein. It’s harder to see, but her body is responding to arousal similarly to your erection, although it might take her longer than it takes you. Still, it’s worth waiting until she’s totally aroused and erect. Imagine having sex with a half-flaccid penis—sound like fun? We didn’t think so.


  1. The Hair down there has three Functions: We didn’t have it as children but when we hit puberty it grew. Even though pubic hair might seem completely unnecessary and a reason to spend money waxing another area of our body, it actually has three important reasons for its existence. It protects the vagina. It sends signals to potential partners that you are biologically ready to procreate. It’s full of pheromones that attract the opposite sex.


  1. Pain during the deed is not that rare: Around 30% of women have felt pain during their last session of intercourse. Chronic pain during sex can be caused by a condition called vulvadynia. Nevertheless, it is actually pretty common for women to experience certain amount of pain during sexual intercourse. This however (if not caused by an illness) can be prevented with simple tips, like using more lube, changing positions or taking a longer time with foreplay. This is all designed to give the vagina the correct preparation to increase its size and make it better prepared for sex.


  1. Your vagina can grow in size, Just Like the Male Member: If you thought that only men’s penises could grow when aroused then you were wrong. The vagina can expand to around twice as big as its original size, which is around three to four inches deep. This process is called vaginal tenting and it happens when a woman gets aroused. Another effect of arousal is an increase of muscular tension in the body, which draws the uterus upwards and creates more space in the vagina lengthwise.


Written by jale