Do cardio. Cardio workouts can help you achieve an hourglass figure by slimming down your midsection and providing you with toned and lean legs. Cardio also helps to keep your heart healthy and allows more oxygen to reach your muscles, so it’s great for your overall fitness and health. Cardio is one of the best thing you can do to burn calories, helping you to maintain a healthy body weight, which is important for achieving your ideal pin-up girl look.

Running, cycling, dancing, step aerobics and swimming (to name but a few) are all great cardiovascular workouts, which will help you to trim the fat and tone as you go.
Interval training is one of the best exercise options if you’re short on gym time but still want an effective calorie-busting workout – warm up on the treadmill for five minutes, exert yourself at full speed for 45 seconds, then slow down to recover for 90 seconds. Repeat this ten times, then cool down for another five minutes. Remember to stretch afterwards to loosen the muscles.
Ideally, you should be doing 30 minutes of cardio five times a week.

Firm and tone your butt. Hourglass figures require a sexy booty, so rather than trying to slim down your butt, you should be focusing on getting it firm and toned. Think along the lines of Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj, whose rounded rear-ends perfectly offset their tiny waists. You should be doing lots of glute-friendly exercises which lift and round the butt, such as lunges, squats and leg curls.

Lunges are performed by starting with your feet shoulder-width apart, then stepping forward with your right foot into a lunge position, bending both knees until they form 90 degree angles. Your front knee should not extend over the toes and and your back knee should not touch the floor. Step back into your starting position, then repeat with the other leg. To make this exercise more intense, hold a dumbbell in each hand and keep your arms straight by your sides.

Squats are performed by standing with the legs a shoulder-width apart, with the toes pointed outwards at 45 degree angles. Resting most of your weight on your heels, slowly lower your body straight down into a squatting position until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Return to a standing position, and repeat.

Written by jale