For many women, it’s a constant struggle to get toned inner thighs. And the internet’s obsession with thigh gap isn’t helping! Instead of just wishing your thighs toned, try adding some leg-strengthening exercises to your workout routine a few times a week. With the right combination of thigh exercises for women, you can get perfectly toned legs and sculpted thighs. You may have started down this road before only to end up disappointed, but we’ve got you covered.

Don’t know where to start? Try this 30 day thigh challenge! You’ll learn exactly what it takes to build strong, healthy, toned legs. This complete thigh challenge includes a list of easy exercises, helpful tips and tricks, plus a full 4 weeks of fast workouts that can be done at home or at the gym.

Hip Extension with Circles

  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, shoulder blades squeezed together, hands on hips.
  • Keeping right leg straight, knee soft, lift left leg behind body, pointing toes, until you feel a contraction in your glutes (don’t arch your back).
  • Draw a four-point clockwise circle with your left toes, then repeat the circle counterclockwise.
  • Do all reps on left leg, then switch sides and repeat.

Sumo Squat

This squat variation takes a wider-than-normal stance to target the muscles of the inner thigh, especially your hip adductors. It can be done as a bodyweight exercise, but I recommend holding a kettlebell or a single dumbbell. A barbell is another option if you’re a heavy lifter.

Written by jale