Right now, I am suspended somewhere between shock and disbelief. As it turns out, I have been approaching life all wrong, and there is a vast amount of space for improvement. And I’d be willing to be that you have, too.

Now, I’m not talking about our jobs, or relationships, or how much pizza we ate in one sitting. I’m talking about everyday things that many of us fail to realize, hacks so simple that you won’t be able to believe you didn’t think of them. These are 22 of those hacks. Prepare to reevaluate everything you’ve ever known.

1. If you lay a wooden spoon over the top of a boiling pot, it keeps the water from bubbling over the side of the pot and making a big mess.

2. Your chip packets can be made into an instant snack bowl! That’s the dream!

3. You’re actually supposed to peel the banana from the bottom!

4. You’re supposed to use a flange plunger for your toilet and a cup plunger for your sink. Most of us simply use one for both – hopefully with a good wash in between.

5. You CAN get rid of those pesky unpopped kernels!

6. Use a paper clip to pop the reset button on the ink cartridge when the computer says you’re out of ink. It leaves with with a bit extra for emergency printing.

7. Keep your extension cords from coming undone with this handy trick.

8. Don’t give up on your disposable razors when they get blunt! Use them to get the piles of your old clothes, and it’ll sharpen them right up again!

Written by jale