A headache is a continuous pain in the head and this condition might cause severe pain known as a migraine. The pain is unbearable and many people cannot finish even the simplest daily tasks.

Below we are going to present you a list of 15 methods that will help you to relieve the pain caused by a headache.

  1. Drink water. Medical experts explain that in many cases, the headache is caused by dehydration. So, a few cups of water might solve the problem.
  2. Give yourself a scalp massage. Scientific studies showed that by massaging the back of your head at the base of your skull, or more precisely the greater occipital nerve, you can relieve the pain caused by a headache.
  3. Press the webbed area between your thumb and pointer finger. All you should do is gentle to massage this area for one minute and then switch to the other hand.
  4. Stretch. Muscle tension is a common cause of headaches and simply by stretching your neck, you can relieve the tension and the pain, as well.
  5. Eat watermelon. In case if a headache is caused by dehydration, it is advisable to eat water-rich foods. This will rehydrate your body and reduce the pain.
  6. Massage peppermint oionto your temples, the back of your jaw and your forehead. It is scientifically proved that peppermint oil promotes blood flow and has the ability to relieve headaches.
  7. Breathe deeply. Anytime you feel pain, your body gets stressed. In order to relax and ease the tension, it is advisable to take deep breaths and exhale slowly.
  8. Drink a cup of coffee. Doctors explain that sometimes the headache might occur as a result of expanding of blood vessels. The caffeine contained in coffee has the ability to constrict these blood vessels and on that way brings them back down to their normal size.

Written by jale